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Documentary Story Structure: From Great to Excellent


Published 2008

Fernanda Rossi, documentary story consultant; Gino Del Guercio, filmmaker

Fernanda Rossi provides a "before and after" style case study of Del Guercio's documentary in order to illustrate what elements make for great story structure. Using the real life example of Del Guercio's work in progress, Abandoned in the Attic, Fernanda Rossi (known as "the Doc Doctor") explains story structure models and what to look for in making a film excellent. More information about Fernanda Rossi, story consultant, can be found at her website,

This event is part of the 2008 Making Media Now conference, presented by the Filmmaker's Collaborative.

PBS | NPR Forum Network program with WGBH Lectures

2008 May 29

(Note: The speaker requests that the URL to her website accompany all iterations of the material.)

Producer WGBH
Production Company WGBH Forum Network
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Reviewer: GoldLucy - - November 3, 2010
Subject: Use Hollywood Story Structure
Documentaries use a simplified version of the Hollywood story structure. Definitely I see atonement, apotheosis, ultimate boon and all the other stages in most of them. See